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T918 – MP3s als Klingeltöne

Nachdem mir Tel.Me. ein T918 zur Verfügung gestellt hat (erster Test kommt in Kürze) habe ich natürlich auch die Beta des Tel.Me. Mobile Manager 0.8 damit ausprobiert und siehe da …. es lassen sich auch MP3s auf das T918 überspielen und als Klingeltöne verwenden! Na, wenn das keine nette Überraschung ist.

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  1. Jamal Lawrence Jamal Lawrence

    I`ve been using telme T918 for about 2years now but the tussle i have with the phone is that the infrared device does not go mobile to mobile,and i was even hoping there would be mp3 player in it.But what suprises me the most is that the video option is not in it and the manual in the pack is in german or austrai,so also i couldnt get the software cd which should come with the pack.Above all the phone is really one of the best have had,but i`d love to know how i can get the software cd,cause i`ve been trying to upgrade the phone all along.Really i have falling in love with the phone,I do hope i get a reply soon.1 love

  2. Hello Jamal,
    I haven´t provided the english pdf documents etc. at my site till now.
    I will integrated it until this weekend and will post a link here.

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