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Now is the time for Blue Beanies

Maybe you know the Blue Beanie Day. A day when some put on blue beanies and do a little PR for an accessible web.

A few days ago Marco published the article Zugänglich kommunizieren in Corona-Zeiten. In this, he lists apps that make it easier for people with disabilities to communicate with others – despite exit restrictions and all of this.

And that’s actually a good reminder that blue beanies are so important right now.
Because a lot of communication only happens via smartphone, internet and Co.
My bank is pushing for online banking. Please contact the authorities in the web. Every little trader, no matter how small, tinkers at an online shop.

Yes, it is clear to me that the little ones are struggling to survive. That they want to (and even have to) go online quickly to get at least a few euros for rent and the like.
But maybe there is still time to remember that there are people who have always relied heavily on electronic communication to get in touch with this world. But they also rely on the fact that these offers do not pose any further hurdles for them.

And perhaps it is also important to note that some of the removed barriers are also used by many other customers or visitors to a website. Not only provide your email address, but also a phone number. And not in a chic graphic (which may cost extra) but simply as text.

Accessibility is not just technology, it is deeply human.

Addition: Martin asks if I didn’t mean the other way around with the phone number in the last paragraph. Yes, you could also write like that. When I was writing I only remembered an experience where I wanted to clarify something quickly via a call and the hotel only put an email address on their website. Yes, both are important so that, for example, people with a hearing impairment can email you, or people who find it difficult to write can simply call you.

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This article first appeared in German and can also be found in my blog under the title „Jetzt ist die richtige Zeit für Blue Beanies.

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  1. Tomorrow it’s time. On November 30, 2020, some people around the world celebrate Blue Beanie Day. You put on blue beanie for web standards and an accessible web. Below are a few links with answers about Blue Beanie Day and how you can participate.

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